The Teaching Pastor

Josh Harrison is part of “building it while it’s flying.”

March 8, 2018

Have you ever been confused for the “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” guy? The path from working with IT to leading the Teaching Team. Have you ever taken Hebrew . . . just for fun. The pros of having an English Lit degree as a teaching pastor. . . and, How do you work at a church where “building it while we are flying it” is part of the DNA?

In this episode we have a conversation with Josh Harrison, Teaching Pastor at RockHarbor Church in Costa Mesa.

If you would like to listen to some of Josh’s teaching you can go to I recommend the Luke series, particularly the Road to Emmaus episode. If you would like links to anything that we discussed in the episode

Vanguard University

The Way of the Dragon or the Way of the Lamb, Jamin Goggin & Kyle Strobel

How to Think Theologically, Stone & Duke

Intro and Outro Music provided by Pawn Shop Kings, “Love Like Jesus.”

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