The Teaching Pastor

Matt Hemphill knows that God is in the moving business!

July 22, 2018

From the Mortgage industry to Senior Pastor and the road in between. The value of authenticity and wonder when coming to the Bible. Being a young pastor means preaching every passage for the first time. Get a little feedback by asking your team, “Can you tell me something about last week’s sermon?” Watching film is the best way to step your game up. Growing by becoming more clear and preaching a “one point” sermon

In this episode of the Teaching Pastor we have a conversation with Matt Hemphill, Lead Pastor at Prodigal Church of Orange County.

You can listen to some of Matt’s messages at

Here are a few resources that came up in the episode

Bible Gateway

Blue Letter Bible

The “Be” series - Warren Wiersbe

Communicating for a Change, Andy Stanley

God Has a Name, John Mark Comer

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