The Teaching Pastor

Special Episode: “Pastor vs. Sound Guy”

August 5, 2018

What do Whitney Houston and your a/v team have in common? What is the best microphone to use on a Sunday morning? What about sound boards and speakers? Why is there a stereotype about sound techs among pastors? Why is there a stereotype of pastors among sound techs?

In this special episode of the The Teaching Pastor we explore the matters of “sound” as it relates to the Sunday Morning Expierence of the message and we have a practical and philosophical conversation Paul Bresenden, President of 454 Creative

If you would like to see more of what Paul and his team does visit 454 Creative  Here are some other resources that came up in the Episode.

Countryman E6/Headset microphone

Shure SM58 handheld mic

AKG D5 mic

DPA headset mic

EAW Speakers

QSC K12 Speakers

Paul Dexter Creative – Systems Integrater Audio Training

Yamaha House of Worship Resources and Training

Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook

Yamaha Guide to Sound Systems for Worship

Nick Burns SNL IT guy

Babylon Bee satire about sound tech stereotypes and blame

Music Provided by Pawn Shop Kings, “Love Like Jesus”

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